Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As some of you are aware, there is this certain image of a female Puerto Rican Teenager.  This includes: curly wet hair, colored optional skinny jeans, jordans, aeropastale shirts, extremely large hoop earings, crazy fake nail designs, and gum. This honestly is so stupid.  Seriously it's girls like that that put a stereotypical spanish girl, and considering the fact that i'm Puerto Rican, :/, I ALWAYS live with this.  Yes we have the right as people to express ourselves, but acting GHETTO doesn't express yourself.  It just shows how naive you are to the world of intelligence.  Like EVERYONE thinks Puerto Rican girls are all stupid hoodrats with nothing going for themselves! I hope everyone knows that is not true and I can be the first example.  As you now know, I am not Italian, but 100% Puerto Rican, and I have a 4.0 GPA, a job, a student in college classes, and the top of my junior class.  So I can basically be the complete opposite of the typical Puerto Rican Teenager.  Like This blogpost is for Puerto Ricans like me who have so much going for themselves, but have to live with an image of a hoodrat. PUERTO RICAN PROBLEMS.

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